LEDERCORP was established in 2014, with the union of competent businessmen from the Outsourcing administrative, accounting, legal and economic sectors. Professionals concerned with the outcome of their clients, and who know where to apply their knowledge to bring the reliability and tranquility that the corporate market needs. Our company works with professionalism and ethics, always thinking about results, in order to bring transparent results in its work in the advisory and business consulting market.

We work without boundaries. Whether the client is a micro or small business owner, a large industry, a rural producer or a public institution there is always a problem to be solved and we can help. LEDERCORP was created in order to fix this, bringing in one place all the range of professionals and qualifications needed to provide a good service.

Initially, the definition of the name would be only a combination of names, but in order to add more value to the brand, it included the term CORP, not only of corporation or union, but also a correspondence to the keywords that guide the vision of the company: Commitment, Organization, Result and Proud. LEDERCORP is therefore a company of traditional values, family and respect, establishing itself as a safe haven in the advisory and business consulting segments. These are the strengths that, together, make up a trust group. It is a cozy place, where the customer come in with the certainty that they will be well served.

All of these points have transformed the visual signature of LEDERCORP into what it is today. The symbol of the corporation was conceived through an abstraction of the pen that was used for the writing, obtaining a traditional symbol signature and the signature of businesses. It shows that even with all the technology used today, nothing is safer and more serious than a manual subscription. The square in gold denotes society and the market being covered by the firmness and richness of the feather. The inner space symbolizes the client wrapped in this wealth, in a tone of success and confidence.


we are different!

Our company works with professionalism and ethics, always thinking about the results, in order to bring transparent outcomes in its work in the advisory and business consulting market.

  • A modern and proactive approach to your accounts and tax planning;
  • Credibility, responsibility, quality, transparency and professional ethics;
  • Professionals with permanent training, always updated;
  • Commitment to terms of tax obligations;
  • Personalized service based on the need of each client, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Some important information



Assimilate the family conduct to the business, recognizing its unique form of relationship and transmitting the moral principles that lead us to provide services.



Inspire peace of mind in business solutions.



Acquire good results in their performance, adding professional and moral values, reflecting in profit.


"Everywhere you see a successful business; there is someone who made a bold decision one day."
(Peter Drucker)


Business Plan and Brand;

Corporate Law;

Process Law;

Electoral Law.


Tax law;

Social Security Law;

Cost Analysis;

Accounting Studies.


Future Financial Market;

Asset Assessments;

Technical Reports;

Agronomy Consulting.



We have no employees or contractors; we are a group of Colaborators, Friends and Partners working for OUR CUSTOMER! WE ARE A FAMILY!