Gilberto Pires de Oliveira Dias - São Paulo - SP

Agropecuarian and Former President of Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals, Latin America

“Congratulations Denir! I’m sure your new service company will be as competent and as efficient as you have been in your professional life. Ledercorp is born under the baton of a first-class conductor!

I was fortunate to meet you and hire you, I believe, about ten years ago, and you have solved my life from an accounting and tax standpoint. In my long life I had bitter experiences with this area, and his competence took me from a great anguish. “

Fernando Alcaide

PP Participações Societárias Ltda, C.E.O.

“The Management of PP Participações Ltda is pleased to make public its appreciation for the extremely professional and competent manner in which the company Ledercorp S / S, in the person of Mr. Denir Correia Rodrigues Júnior, assisted us in demands in the area of accounting, in moments when it was demanded, speed, attention and confidence. We further affirm that it was not the first time in Denir and his team, they act with extreme professionalism in our needs, always ready at any day and time to serve the client”.

Sérgio Pereira

Agricultural Director – Farm Robaiyat-Dourados-MS

“In 2008, when we became partners of Dr. Gilberto Pires de Oliveira Dias in an operation in the state of Goiás, he introduced us to Denir. I confess that at the first meeting I wondered how a young man, practically at the beginning of his career, could help us control a company with a modern and complex structure. The answer came in the meeting itself. Denir proved to be safe, responded very positively to certain questions and how much he did not hold the information, said he would come up with the answer in the sequence. I have evaluated how very positive your knowledge and posture. In the next three years I remained in the company, Denir always help us with valuable recommendations, often extrapolating its function of accounting consultancy, assisting us to organize the operation. In 2011 I disconnected from the operation, assuming the agriculture Board of the Rubaiyat Farm, in Dourada-MS, but keeping in touch with Denir today. I saw the formation of Ledercorp with great enthusiasm because I am sure that much will contribute to its customers. From what I know of Denir, he will bring total tranquility to his customers who can be sure that they are adopting the most modern tax management tools I wish all success to you my friend. “

Domingos Pires de Oliveira Dias Neto

Managing Partner of P3Urb Engenharia Ltda-São Paulo-SP

“We work with Denir of this 2007. As we use complex structures, which involve operations in various individuals and corporations, their ability to control, advise and operationalize accounting is critical to the security of our business. Perhaps its main quality is the ability to seek to inform the legal, fiscal and accounting issues that impact the operation, plan and create a routine process and worked control. We are confident that in this new stage, your entrepreneurial capacity and competence will put Ledercorp at a new level of service excellence. “

Paula Moretti Florêncio

Finance Project Specialist of Hilti do Brasil 

“I have been working with Ledercorp since 2015 in an energy company. All Lerdercorp team demonstrated a lot of knowledge of the business and commitment, so I opted to trigger them again to help me with other demands of the construction segment and, again, I was able to count on a partnership and seriousness of the company, which is maintained until today. Denir and his team work with seriousness and competence, as well as being truly partners with their clients, making every effort to meet all needs, even in matters that are not part of the contracted scope. Thank you Denir and team for the excellent work and the partners of the past years, without a doubt you are extremely competent and the most important partners. “

Former Deputy Federal, PPS/GO

“Ledercorp, under the direction of Denir, has proven to be an agile company and that it is the credibility of its performance. In our customer relationship, he has always acted proactively in the pursuit of the desired results. It has been a professional excellence service, offering all the security of customized solutions in administrative consultancy services. “

Camilo de Oliveira Leipnitz

Lawyer at Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados-Porto Alegre-RS

“Denir is a very attentive professional who demonstrates a lot of willingness to solve matters in the quickest and most effective way to the customer. Whenever we need your services we had a great response: fast, reliable and that denotes the dedication employed in the search for the best solutions. “